Blue Man Group – Three


Blue Man Group is a three-person percussion group with multiple lineups, depending on their location.  However, Three features the original trio of Phil Stanton, Matt Goldman, and Chris Wink.  Three, released in April 2016 under Rhino Entertainment,  is the group’s third studio album overall and first since 2003.

Three is more music centered than The Complex, which was much more of a concept album than anything else.  What listeners get here instead is much more like the 1999 album Audio, with percussion being the main driver of the songs.  Guitars are heavily featured, but there is a distinct electronic element here that was not present quite to the same degree in their previous releases.  Three is certainly within the realm of rock, but one can hear influences of bands such as Kraftwerk here.  However, the influence isn’t limited to Western music – in the tune “Giacometti,” there is what seems to be a didgeridoo in the background.  Overall, Three is a very fun album.  There is great variety in the music, yet an atmosphere that holds the entire thing together.  It’s very much put together like a film soundtrack in this sense.  If this becomes the basis for their new shows, I’d be very eager to see it performed live.


“The Forge”



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1 Response to Blue Man Group – Three

  1. Terrific post! I loved both the pieces you linked here — and that is definitely a didge on Giacometti!

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